Three Advantages Of Oral Chemotherapy

6 February 2023
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Very shortly after you receive a diagnosis of cancer, your doctor will begin to discuss treatment options with you. In general, there are several different ways that medical professionals can treat cancer. Your particular type of cancer and its stage may influence what treatment option is best for you. For many patients, chemotherapy is an appropriate course of action. Going through chemotherapy consists of taking medication around a set schedule to fight the cancer cells in your body. Chemotherapy is available in several forms, including orally. Here are some advantages of oral chemotherapy.

Less Invasive

When a lot of people think of chemotherapy, they immediately picture receiving the drugs intravenously. While IV chemo is common, many patients also have the option of oral chemo. This means that you'll take one or more pills on a regular basis, rather than be hooked up to an IV machine. Many people favor oral chemotherapy because it's less invasive. For example, if you don't like the idea of needles and feel that frequent IV sessions might be particularly unpleasant for you, you may feel that taking pills is more palatable.

More Convenient

Receiving oral chemotherapy can be more convenient than IV chemotherapy because you can typically take the oral medication at home. While you'll need to visit your local medical center for regular appointments, including learning exactly what dosage you need to take, it's common for doctors to permit their patients to take their oral chemo drugs from the comfort of home. A lot of people find that this option is more convenient. For example, if you have trouble getting around, the idea of visiting the medical center for regular IV sessions may be problematic. You'll almost certainly favor the option of taking the medication you require at home if it's available to you.

Less Time Investment

Although the specifics of receiving IV chemotherapy vary based on the type of cancer you have, it's generally a lengthy process. You visit the medical center, get hooked up to an IV machine, and often have to sit for a prolonged period of time while the medication slowly enters your body. Oral chemotherapy, by way of contrast, is a process that requires much less of a time investment — you simply need to swallow a pill. For someone who is able to maintain somewhat of their regular lifestyle while undergoing chemotherapy, the oral chemo route can be a better one to consider.

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