How Home Remedies Compare To Prescribed Remedies For Back Pain

4 August 2017
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Back pain relief is something almost everyone past the age of forty is looking for. If you currently experience back pain, you might be wondering which types of relief you should use. There are holistic remedies, prescribed remedies, and home remedies, so what do you use? Here are home remedies compare to prescribed remedies. Heat Heat, such as that from a heating pad or hot water bottle, can help heal. However, it cannot relieve any back pain not related to an injury. Read More 

Which Type Of Birth Control Is Right For You?

21 July 2017
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Deciding which type of birth control is right for you can be a challenge. Many women do not know all of their options, or what side effects come from certain types of birth control. If you are hoping to actively begin a course of birth control to prevent pregnancy for the time being, here are the most common birth control options for you to consider: The Pill The pill is the most common form of birth control. Read More 

Questions New Chiropractic Patients Often Have

29 June 2017
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Chronic pain can be an extremely disruptive issue for a person to experience. In addition to the extreme discomfort that this can cause, it may also limit a person from being able to enjoy the types of activities that they like to do. While individuals will often assume that taking pain medications will be the only way to address this problem, chiropractors can often provide their patients with substantial relief from chronic joint pain. Read More 

Kids In School? 2 Contagious Skin Conditions To Watch Out For

24 April 2017
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You expect your children to attend school to learn to write, read, and understand math. They may even learn how to use a keyboard and meet new friends. You don't expect them to pick up a contagious skin condition from school and bring it home, but it happens. Some skin rashes and diseases are highly contagious and are easily transferred from child to child in a crowded classroom, bathroom, or playground. Read More 

4 Ways To Mingle While Living In Assisted Senior Living Apartments

24 February 2017
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You don't give up your social life just because you're a senior from the Baby Boomer generation living in an assisted senior apartment community. Assisted senior living apartment life runs the gamut of true independent living with "just-in-case" staff on-call to staff that will come to your apartment to help you with your daily needs -- and that includes getting out and mingling with others. Here's some ideas how utilize your senior living apartment complex's amenities: Read More