Good Medical Marijuana Products To Try For Headaches

19 July 2022
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Medical marijuana can be great for relieving inflammation and pain. Therefore, it is a remedy to explore for your headaches, which are likely related to inflammation and pain. But before you reach for any old strain and start smoking, it is important to realize that some medical marijuana products are better suited to this purpose than others.

Here are a few of the best products to try for headache relief.

THC Topicals

Did you know that you can absorb THC through your skin when it is dissolved in the right kind of compounds? As such, topical THC products can be really good for pain relief. Applying one to your forehead and temples is a good way to treat a headache at its source. Since the THC will be absorbed directly into the most affected tissues, it will go to work quickly to relieve your pain and any inflammation that might be contributing to the pain. This is an especially good option for sinus headaches, which are very inflammation-related. 

Low-Dose Tincture

Taking edibles for headaches would not usually be the best approach since they take a while to kick in. But there is one exception: tincture. You can hold a cannabis tincture beneath your tongue, and a lot of the THC will pretty quickly be absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the tiny capillaries in this area. After a minute has passed, you can swallow the rest of the tincture. 

You shouldn't need a great amount of tincture to ease a headache. A few drops of the tincture should take the edge off the pain without making you feel too mentally impacted. There are flavored tinctures, which make the experience of using THC products far more pleasant.

Vape Pens

You may not want to smoke cannabis when you have a headache since the smoke itself could make your sinuses a little more irritated. But vaping is a lot gentler on your respiratory tract. The THC in the vapor will be absorbed quickly, so you get headache relief within minutes. A puff or two of a THC vape pen can take the edge of a headache. Wait a few minutes, and if you still have pain, you can take another puff.

These products can be good for easing headache pain. Find a dispensary near you and look for medical marijuana products for sale. You'll soon find exactly what works for your own needs.