Who Gastric Bypass Surgery Is For

6 August 2021
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Gastric bypass surgery is a common procedure done throughout America to help many people get control over their diet and eating habits. It is performed on thousands of people a year and you are probably wondering if you are eligible for this procedure as well. However, not everyone who applies for a gastric bypass will be given this surgery for a variety of different, health-related reasons. The following are three of the most common reasons why someone would get a gastric bypass and the conditions that make them an eligible candidate for the procedure.

Dangerous Blood Pressure Levels

Your blood pressure is very important, and when it gets into the higher ranges and stays there, your doctors will start to get worried. There are a number of reasons why your blood pressure is increasing, but most often it is related to dietary intake. You don't even have to be that large to have dangerously high blood pressure levels that warrant a gastric bypass surgery. As always, you should first discuss this option with your primary care doctor, although often they might be the one to suggest it if the condition is serious enough.

Further Weight Loss

There is a misnomer out there that gastric bypass surgery can be done to everyone who wants it to help them lose weight. That is certainly not the case, and most surgeons will not perform this operation on overly obese people, or those who show an unwillingness to try to lose weight on their own. A gastric bypass only works when the patient is fully committed to keeping up their diet after the operation. However, for those who do qualify and really do want to shed the weight, this can be a life-changing procedure that can speed up their weight loss journey in a big way.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is very detrimental to your health, as is its more severe form: obstructive sleep apnea. Studies have shown that gastric bypass surgery can help reduce the severity of sleep apnea and even cure it in many cases. Of course, this again requires effort on your part to try and keep off the weight once the surgery has been done, but considering the increased chance of a good night's sleep, most people will take this chance with two hands. Your partner may even thank you as well!

For more information about gastric bypass surgery, contact a local physician near you to learn more.