Tired Of Typical Gym Workouts? 2 Trendy, New Fitness Classes

6 July 2021
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If you like to work out to stay in shape, then you may often find that you have grown tired of performing the same workouts repeatedly. This is not uncommon, which is why gyms throughout the country are always looking for new fun and engaging fitness classes to add to their class offerings. 

While there are many new fitness class types available at many gyms that did not exist just a few years ago, two of the most popular new gym workout classes are Pound and rowing. 

Read on to learn more about Pound and rowing classes and how they differ from more traditional fitness classes and workouts. 


Pound is a fitness class offered at gyms throughout the country that provides a fun, full-body workout. A Pound workout combines strength training, cardio, yoga, and even Pilates moves with the pounding of weighted drumsticks to the beat of music. 

When you pound weighted drumsticks during almost your entire workout, you can look forward to an increase in heart rate that aids in improving cardiovascular health and a gradual increase in arm strength as you continue to perform Pound workouts. 

In addition, fitness experts estimate that the average adult can burn up to 900 calories in a single 45-minute Pound workout. This calorie burn can help you lose weight as you gain strength and cardiovascular fitness. 


If you were once an enthusiast of spinning classes but grew tired of stationary bicycle riding, then you may enjoy trying one of today's new group rowing classes. While rowing machines have long been staple pieces of gym equipment, these machines have been used in group fitness classes very little throughout history until now. 

The use of a rowing machine offers many benefits because the use of this machine engages up to 86 percent of all of the muscles in your body. When you choose a workout that requires the use of many muscles at once, you can shorten the length of each workout while still gaining full-body strength over time. In addition, you can obtain a great cardiovascular workout when you row briskly enough to increase your heart rate. Finally, rowing is a low-impact workout, so it is easy on your joints. 

While rowing classes are good options for fitness enthusiasts, you do not have to already be in great physical condition to begin rowing. Some gyms offer several rowing classes, with each tailored to people at specific fitness levels, while some offer all-inclusive classes that allow people already in good physical shape to obtain a tougher workout than rowing beginners by engaging in faster-paced movements. 

If you enjoy attending the gym to obtain a good workout but are tired of performing the same fitness routine every day, then try one of these two trendy, new fitness classes that aim to make working out a fun way to improve your health. Contact a local gym to find out what exercise options they offer.