3 Reasons You May Need Short-Term Nursing Care After A Stroke

28 November 2018
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

There are a lot of reasons why individuals end up in a nursing home for a short-term level of care to help them recover after an illness or injury. For instance, your doctor may refer you to a short-term care facility after breaking a bone, after serious surgery, or to recover from a cardiovascular problem. One of the most common reasons patients are referred to a nursing home for short-term care, however, is because they have had a stroke. Proper care after having a stroke is critical to your quality of life. Take a look at some of the reasons why a short stint in a nursing home may be necessary after a stroke. 

You will have access to living needs as you get better. 

Immediately after a stroke, you may have physical impairments, communication problems, and a need for a lot of rest and therapy. All of this can make it difficult to do all the things you normally would to take care of your personal needs, such as bathing or preparing your own meals, or even remembering to take your medications. In short-term care at a nursing facility, all of this will be handled on your behalf so you can focus on getting better. 

You will be closely monitored to ensure you are properly progressing. 

In most cases, rehabilitation and attention to therapy after a stroke can help you regain some of your mobility or abilities. However, if things are not progressing as they should, it is important that your therapy and rehabilitation plans are altered accordingly, and this should be done right away. In short-term care, the nursing staff and therapists will be able to observe you at all times to see how well what they are doing to help you is working, so they can make adjustments to therapy plans quickly and as often as needed. 

You will avoid problems with further injuries. 

When you go home directly after having a stroke when the way your body and mind operates has changed to some degree, you can be at risk of injuring yourself, especially if you live alone. You may be more susceptible to falls and slips or forgetting to do important things like locking your door or turning off the stove. While you are in the caring hands of short-term nursing care services, further injury that could delay your stroke recovery can be better avoided.