Signs That You Might Have A Food Allergy

2 January 2018
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Food allergies are quite common amongst the United States population. Millions of Americans deal with food allergies on a sliding scale, with some being relatively minor and others being potentially life-threatening if they happen to be triggered. However, as common as food allergies seem to be, it's very easy for these kinds of allergies to go undetected. You might be allergic to some of the foods that you consume each day, passing off the symptoms that you experience as just part of the game. It's much better for you to become aware of the signs of trouble so you can avoid the foods that aren't compatible with you. Keep reading so you'll be able to determine if you're displaying some of the classic signs of a food allergy.

Don't Take Stomachaches As Being Normal

One of the food allergy signs which has become normalized in television shows, movies and cartoons is the stomachache. There will frequently be someone in the picture who is allergic to something that was served at the meal. As a result, they suffer a stomachache after eating it and are shown grimacing while holding their stomach and trying to find somewhere to sleep it off.

Unless you happen to be engorging your stomach with food at every meal, you shouldn't think that it's perfectly normal for your stomach to hurt after you've enjoyed a nice dinner. The stomach is designed to take in food, digest it and prepare it to be sent through the intestines to exit your body. This process can be disrupted if you are allergic to the food that you've consumed. The food item might throw off your digestive process, resulting in pain that can make you double over in discomfort.

You Experience Swelling Or Bloating After Eating

If your lips, tongue, face, or any other part of your body tends to become swollen and bloated after you have eaten certain foods it's important for you to take notice. You might even find that the swollen areas are tingling or numb, indicating that your immune system has reacted to the ingredient in a negative way. 

Paying attention to how your body feels can help you narrow down the list of food items that you might possibly be allergic to. It's a good idea for you to go to a medical professional, such as at Northwest Asthma & Allergy Center PS, and request a food allergy test so you can learn how to tweak your diet for a better life.