All In The Family: When Similar Health Problems Strike All Family Members

19 November 2017
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The best thing about families is that you share everything. The worst thing about families is that, well, you share everything. Everyone living under the same roof tend to share hardships, laughter, meals, memories, and even illnesses, health problems, and diseases. When the latter things happen, you can all share the same family practice for treatment too. Here are some examples of what that looks like.

Strep Throat

This highly contagious illness strikes at the same time of the year as the common cold. It often makes it difficult to tell what you have, since not all colds have coughs, but most colds have a sore throat. Strep throat may have a cough, but that is rare. At any rate, if one member of the household gets strep throat, all of you will get it.

Since it is also possible to carry the streptococcus virus without showing any signs of strep throat, you could have strep throat and not even know it. If you take a family member into a family practice for strep throat, request that everyone, including yourself, gets tested and treated as needed for strep throat. Otherwise, you will be back in the clinic to treat another family member within a week.


There are a hundred different strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV) that cause warts. Sixty of these cause warts on the hands and feet, and are transferable between family members when the warts are leaking the viral-laden wart fluid everywhere. Ergo, it is not uncommon for family members to all enter a family practice clinic with the complaint of warts.

It tends to be a little embarrassing, especially if if the warts are not shared on the same body parts (e.g., two people have foot warts and one has hand warts). Thankfully, the curative measure on all accounts is to use cryotherapy, and freeze the warts dead. It does take time, especially if young children need a numbing agent before the freezing agent is applied.


Perhaps the most fun of all communal living issues is lice. Parents rarely contract lice because they are nowhere near where they can pick it up. Children bring it home from school, and when parents snuggle with their kids or sit close to share a book or movie, the lice are transferred head-to-head. Then the whole family has to be seen by a doctor to confirm head lice and get a prescription to treat the lice and eradicate it from the home.

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