Reasons To Take Your Child To A Pediatrician Instead Of A Family Doctor

7 September 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

When it comes to the health of your child, you can choose between a family doctor or a pediatrician. A family doctor is trained to treat everyone in the family from a newborn through to the elderly. However, you may want to think about going to someone who specializes in children. Here are just a few of the differences you will notice:

The Office

A pediatrician's office is geared toward children. There will be toys and things to keep the child occupied while you wait to go to the exam room. Furniture will be geared more toward children as well, although there will be seating for you too. In addition, there will be a section of the waiting area that is secluded a bit for sick children so your child will not have to worry about contracting a disease while there. Once in the exam room, you will notice it is also geared for children. There may be a television and DVD player with children's movies and a few toys too. Your child will be more comfortable than in a room that was designed for adults.

Ongoing Training

Every medical doctor must have continuing education to keep up with changes in medicine. When the doctor works with all age groups, this extra training may not always be geared toward what is happening in pediatric medicine. However, a pediatrician is always studying the things that come out for children. In addition, he or she pays attention to childhood diseases that are going on in your area. When the flu breaks out in schools, a pediatrician knows about it and is prepared to help your child, perhaps helping you over the phone without needing a visit.


Dealing with children takes a special attitude. A family doctor can be great with children, but may not be so good when that is all he or she sees all day. A pediatrician knows that every patient who comes into the office is going to be a child and is ready to deal with that.

If you have been seeing a family doctor for many years, you know this professional and he or she knows you. Think about how you interact. If you have any doubts about how the doctor will be with a child, ask for a referral to a pediatrician. Don't be afraid to ask about his or her extra training for children either. Your child deserves to be treated with respect and knowledge.

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