How Home Remedies Compare To Prescribed Remedies For Back Pain

4 August 2017
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Back pain relief is something almost everyone past the age of forty is looking for. If you currently experience back pain, you might be wondering which types of relief you should use. There are holistic remedies, prescribed remedies, and home remedies, so what do you use? Here are home remedies compare to prescribed remedies.


Heat, such as that from a heating pad or hot water bottle, can help heal. However, it cannot relieve any back pain not related to an injury. Your doctor may only prescribe heat if your back pain is attributed to arthritis. Otherwise, the age-old home remedy wisdom of heat on pain is not one that may provide you with any relief.


Cold is almost always the go-to home remedy for pain. Inflammation, sprains, strains, and swollen soft tissues all benefit from cold packs. Cryotherapy is a new development in pain management. It bases its potential for effective back and neck pain on the very fact that doctors frequently prescribe or recommend cold packs for pain. The cold, or cryotherapy, numbs the painful areas and reduces swelling and inflammation. As long as your back pain is not attributed to nerve damage or bone fractures, you can use the cold packs or cryotherapy.

Camphor and Menthol

Camphor and menthol are both ingredients in topical pain relievers and pain balms. They provide relief by arresting pain signals in the nerves. When mixed with a balm or ointment, it can sink within the skin and down to the nerves. The relief is short-lived, but it may just be enough to allow you to fall asleep at night.


Doctors have access to dozens of medications that can alleviate back pain. Once your doctor has diagnosed the source of back pain, he or she knows which category of pain relievers to prescribe. For example, if it is clear that the source of your back pain is arthritis in your spine, your doctor can prescribe an arthritis medication. If you have swollen soft tissues in your back from a strain or sprain, your doctor can prescribe an anti-inflammatory, which can reduce the swelling and decrease pain.

Back Braces

Injuries to your back or improper posture can cause back pain. If your doctor prescribes a back brace, it is not because he or she thinks you have scoliosis (although that is also a source of back pain). He or she thinks you could benefit from sitting up straighter and improving your posture, which alleviates a lot of back pain problems.

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