4 Ways To Mingle While Living In Assisted Senior Living Apartments

24 February 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

You don't give up your social life just because you're a senior from the Baby Boomer generation living in an assisted senior apartment community. Assisted senior living apartment life runs the gamut of true independent living with "just-in-case" staff on-call to staff that will come to your apartment to help you with your daily needs -- and that includes getting out and mingling with others. Here's some ideas how utilize your senior living apartment complex's amenities:

Common Areas Can Be Uncommonly Fun

Assisted living apartment complexes' common areas are great for impromptu get-togethers for euchre, bridge, canasta, or gin. Sometimes staff will put together movie nights, dance nights, or "get-to-know-your-neighbor" functions. Most senior communities have kitchens in each apartment depending on the level of assisted community where you live. Ask about putting together a potluck in the common area. Conversing over food is one of life's best ways to get to know people.

Senior Center Partnerships

Grab some of your community friends and join your local senior center. Some senior centers cater to anyone over 50. Your community probably has a scheduled time that the senior center bus comes by to pick up guests. Check out the schedules. They often go on trips to casinos, museums, and parks. Sometimes you can even take your grandkids with you and make a day or a weekend out of it. The greatest perks here are that you don't have to drive, meals are often included or offered at a nominal cost, and there's usually a bathroom on the bus!

In-House Gardening Club

Many people find gardening zen-like. If you miss your gardening days at the old homestead, see if your senior community offers a garden club. Gardening provides good exercise and can be therapeutic for the mind and soul. It's a great way to mingle with other like-minded seniors while sharing growing tips and memories. Check out the library for gardening clubs in your area if your senior community doesn't have one -- or see if you can create one of your own on-site.

Sports Outings

Who doesn't love a baseball game or playing golf in the morning? Sports outings are always a great way to build friendships. Check with your community's social director to see what's offered.

Just because you've downsized your surroundings, you don't have to downsize your social life. Do what you have always loved to do. Meet new people. See new things. Assisted living senior apartments like those at Sunnington Assisted Living are just that -- apartments to help you live your golden years to their fullest.