Make Working With Your Parent's Home Healthcare Provider More Convenient

21 December 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Now that your elderly parent has moved in with you and you've started looking for a home healthcare provider to take care of them on a regular basis, it is important to consider how you'll make the situation work without stress and inconvenience. Here are a few things you can do to make working with your service provider more convenient and enjoyable overall:

Create a Weekly Schedule

As you will have your parent's home healthcare provider's weekly schedule regarding when they'll be in your home working, it's only fair to provide them with your household's schedule in return. Your schedule should include dinner times, scheduled household tasks, times when children are expected to be in the home and anything else that might affect your healthcare provider's work schedule.

With a weekly household schedule handy, they'll know when to stay out of the kitchen so your family has full access to it and what the best times are to do things like laundry and bathing your parent. Sit down with your family once a week to fill out a printed calendar and make copies of the calendar so you can give one to your service provider and post one on a wall in your home.

Provide Some Personal Space

Consider providing your parent's home healthcare provider with a little personal space within your home where they can safely store their belongings and take their breaks away from all the commotion. If you don't have a spare room that can be designated for their use while they work, outfit a corner of your garage or basement with a desk that features a locking drawer, a comfortable chair to sit in, and a mini-fridge to make use of. Alternatively, you can set up a personal corner in an enclosed porch or patio. While your service provider is working, their personal area should be off-limits to the rest of your household members.

Establish Household Boundaries

If you don't want your parent's senior care providers to have full access to your home while they are working, it's essential to establish some household boundaries for them to follow before their first day of work – and it's just as crucial that you enforce them at all times to help ensure that the rules are respected even when you aren't home. Simply create a contract that outlines which rooms and areas they'll have access to and which areas they should agree to stay out of. After both parties sign the contract, have it notarized and then provide a copy to your service provider and the company that they work for.