Why You Do Not Have To Stop Receiving Chiropractic Care When You Are Pregnant

12 September 2016
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Most women, upon finding out that they are pregnant, avoid everything that would place pressure on their bellies. While this is normal and acceptable, you do not have to stop seeing a chiropractor while you are pregnant. Chiropractors have ways around your growing belly that still provide you with the adjustments and pain relief you need. Additionally, good chiropractic care is very helpful in aligning the spine and your twisted-out-of-shape maternal body so that you can have an easier and more comfortable labor and delivery. Here is why you do not have to stop your chiropractic care after discovering you are pregnant.

The Belly Issue Avoided by Drop-Leaf Chiro Tables

Chiropractic tables are engineering marvels. They have all kinds of switches to raise and lower patients to meet the expectations of what the chiropractor hopes to accomplish during the adjustments. Included in these tables is a drop leaf section, right in the middle, where your pregnant and growing abdomen can droop down and not be compressed or harmed during an adjustment.Even when your chiropractor applies gentle pressure to the small of your back, where most pregnant women feel a lot of discomfort and pain, your belly will not be compressed or harmed in any way because of the drop leaf mid-section of the table.

The Adjustments Do Not Affect How You Carry Your Child or the Baby

Spinal adjustments only affect your spine--not your baby's spine or your baby's physical development. The adjustments also do not affect how you carry your baby in your womb or pelvis, and since the womb is filled with fluid to allow the baby to float freely the first several months, again the adjustments do not affect this either. You will, however, notice quite a difference in the amount of pain you can tolerate and how easily your delivery goes when the time comes for your baby to be born. The adjustments you have done to your back now will move the nerves out of the way of the spine, which is reshaping and compressing itself to give the baby room to grow. When these nerves are not compressed by the reshaped spinal column, labor and delivery is less painful.

Chiropractic Care Does Not Induce Labor or Cause Miscarriages

There is absolutely no scientific evidence or coverage of any miscarriages caused by, or directly linked to, chiropractic care. Since the adjustments can only help you and not hurt you or your unborn child, there is no reason why you should stop receiving them or give them up. Even when you are on bed rest, your OB/GYN may recommend that a chiropractor visit you to help you maintain circulation, good posture and adequate blood flow to the lower half of your body. Ergo, keep going to your chiropractic appointments and/or receiving chiropractic adjustments.  

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