Want To Help Someone? 4 Reasons You Should Become An Egg Donor

8 August 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If you've been trying to find a selfless way to help others, you might want to consider becoming an egg donor. If you're not sure what an egg donor is, it's a woman who donates her eggs to infertile couples. Not sure if becoming an egg donor is right for you? Here are four reasons that will help you decide.

You Can Leave Your Mark on the World

If you want to leave your mark on the world, but you want to remain child-free, donating your eggs will allow you to do both. By donating your eggs, you'll know that there will be a piece of you out in the world. However, you won't have to give up the child-free lifestyle you've created for yourself.

You Can Help Someone

One of the benefits of becoming an egg donor is that you don't have to carry a pregnancy to term for someone. All you have to do is donate your eggs. According to the CDC, there are about 1.5 million women in the United States who are infertile. Many of those women are looking for someone to help them realize their dreams of becoming a parent. By donating your eggs, you can play an active role in creating a family for someone you don't know.

You Can Be an Advocate for Others

If you have friends and family members who don't understand your decision to donate your eggs, you have the opportunity to become an advocate for others who've made the same decision. It isn't always easy to donate a piece of yourself to a stranger, especially an egg. However, by making this decision, you can help others who are having a difficult time reaching the sane decision you did. You might even have friends or family members who will decide to follow in your footsteps once they see the impact you have on someone else's life.

You Can Do Something for Yourself

When you donate eggs to an infertile couple, you'll be paid for your services. In fact, you can receive about $8,000 for donating your eggs so that someone else can realize their dreams of parenthood. You can use that money in any way you see fit. That payment is compensation for your willingness to help someone else.

If you would like to help someone realize their dreams of becoming a parent, you should consider becoming an egg donor. For questions about the procedure, be sure to speak to a fertility clinic near you (like Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine).