Getting Help With Pain Management After An Auto Accident

30 June 2016
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If you've been the unfortunate victim of a severe auto accident, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is likely pain control. It can be easy to slip into taking too many non-prescribed pain killers or using alcohol or other ways to ease the pain. It's important that if you suffer from pain throughout your body, especially in your neck and back, that you see a certified pain management doctor or other clinician who can address your symptoms and help you get your pain under control. Here are some ways to get help after your accident.


When looking for a pain clinic, choose doctors who utilize a multidisciplinary approach to healing. This means a team of doctors and clinicians will look at all facets of pain management. One of these will be medication types. Commonly prescribed types include:

  • Corticosteroids- to help with inflammatory back and neck pain.
  • Opioids- pain medications to help relieve acute pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs- over the counter meds to help with chronic neck pain.
  • Anti-depressants-to help with depression related to your auto accident.

Your team of doctors and specialists will help to determine if you're a candidate for certain types of medications as well as other therapies that will help alleviate your pain over time.

Physical Therapy

Something your doctor may recommend for pain management is physical therapy. This approach targets muscles and joints that have been directly affected by your accident. Stretching and muscle building techniques help you build up your strength and improve your overall range of motion. The goal is to get you as mobile as you were prior to the accident if possible.


Another part of your care plan may include getting injections in or around your affected neck or back areas. A nerve block can prevent pain from flaring up and make it more manageable to get through the day. Your doctor may also suggest an anesthetic combines with a corticosteroid that targets pain around nerve roots, muscles and joints. This may help to alleviate muscle spasms, swelling and severe pain.


In severe cases where traditional or homeopathic therapies are not working after an auto accident, surgery may be an option. This may be a solution to chronic pain issues or nerve damage that is causing your pain to spiral out of control. Many pain management clinics and doctors will continue to consult with your surgeon and other team members to find the best resolution for your condition.

Contact a pain management clinic in your area today. You'll be well on your way to peace of mind and a pain-free lifestyle. You can also visit websites like