Three Tips To Complement Your Health Practitioner's Back Treatments

10 February 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

When you're dealing with back pain, everything from getting out of bed to sitting in your vehicle on the way to work can be uncomfortable. There's no need to live with this high degree of discomfort. Look up a health practitioner in your community, schedule an assessment and you'll be well on your way to pain relief. Through multiple treatments over the course of several appointments, your back expert will work to put your spine back in its natural position and alleviate the daily pain you've been enduring. If you wish to play a role in the healing process, try these three things in your daily life.

Be Cognizant Of Your Posture

It can be easy to slide into a comfortable position whether you're at your desk during the workday or relaxing in front of the TV at home. The problem with these positions, however, is that they're often not conducive to a healthy back. Given that your health practitioner is working to improve your back health, don't negate it by sitting with poor posture. Regardless of where you are, strive to hold your back vertically with your shoulders held back and your core muscles slightly engaged. Try to avoid crossing your legs, even at the ankles, as doing so contorts your lower back and can lead to back pain.

Find Ways To Move

While devoted exercise is integral to your overall health and can often help to reduce your back pain, it's important that you find simple ways to move throughout the day when a dedicated period of exercise isn't possible. If you spend the bulk of your day sitting at work, get up when you're talking on the phone or make a point of getting up regularly to fill your water bottle at the office cooler. At home during sedentary periods, find ways to keep active by doing jumping jacks or walking in place while you wait for food to cook on the stove.

Pick Pleasure Over Stress

Although you can't often avoid all incidences of stress in your life, it's advantageous to avoid situations that you know will result in this unhealthy emotion. Stress can play a role in back pain because it often tightens muscles and restricts the flow of blood. The last thing you need are tight muscles pulling your back out of the healthy alignment that the health practitioner is achieving for you. Try to limit contact of individuals who make you feel stressed and situations that raise your level of anxiety.