Can Men Get Facial Botox? FAQs About This Injectable

10 January 2022
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Is facial Botox just for women? Before you book an appointment, take a look at everything men need to know about Botox. What Is Botox? Botulinum toxin type A is an injectable cosmetic treatment that can help to reduce wrinkles and facial fine lines. The toxin blocks nerve signals to the muscle at the injection site. Without a signal, the muscle can't contract. This smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines above the area. Read More 

The Primary Appeal Of Getting Gastric Sleeve Surgery To Shed Pounds

3 December 2021
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After spending years trying to lose weight, you might realize that you need to take a more assertive step to reach your goal. Dieting and exercising may no longer be working for you. Instead of simply giving up your efforts, you might consider undergoing an operation that might help you achieve your ideal body weight. You may benefit from getting gastric sleeve surgery to shed pounds successfully. Reduced Stomach Size Read More 

Three Different Typse Of Colon Cancer Screening That You Need To Know About

3 November 2021
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Colon cancer is a nasty and vicious form of the disease, and it is one of the most deadly forms of cancer if left untreated. That is why so many doctors and advocates ask for everyone over a certain age and in certain at-risk groups to get a colon cancer screening on a semi-regular occurrence. Of course, you should always talk about colon cancer testing with your regular physician, but if they agree (and they usually will) that you can never be too cautious when it comes to colon cancer, then here are three screening techniques you should know about. Read More 

Six Reasons To Require Covid Vaccinations In The Workplace

30 September 2021
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There are many reasons to focus on achieving a 100 percent Covid vaccination rate at your workplace. It's never been more important to develop a program for ensuring that staff members have the required work vaccinations against Covid so that your company can contribute to fighting the Covid pandemic. The following are six reasons to require a Covid vaccination in the workplace.  Vaccinations keep your staff members healthy The most important reason to require vaccinations is that vaccinations keep staff healthy. Read More 

Who Gastric Bypass Surgery Is For

6 August 2021
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Gastric bypass surgery is a common procedure done throughout America to help many people get control over their diet and eating habits. It is performed on thousands of people a year and you are probably wondering if you are eligible for this procedure as well. However, not everyone who applies for a gastric bypass will be given this surgery for a variety of different, health-related reasons. The following are three of the most common reasons why someone would get a gastric bypass and the conditions that make them an eligible candidate for the procedure. Read More