All In The Family: When Similar Health Problems Strike All Family Members

19 November 2017
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The best thing about families is that you share everything. The worst thing about families is that, well, you share everything. Everyone living under the same roof tend to share hardships, laughter, meals, memories, and even illnesses, health problems, and diseases. When the latter things happen, you can all share the same family practice for treatment too. Here are some examples of what that looks like. Strep Throat This highly contagious illness strikes at the same time of the year as the common cold. Read More 

Not Sure What’s Wrong? 4 Signs That May Signal Your Need To See A Neurologist

7 November 2017
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When mild medical issues pop up, you don't always want to rush to the doctors office. The last thing you want to do is spend several hours in the doctors' office only to find out that you have a bad case of the common cold. However, when more serious issues pop up, you've got to make time to get to the doctor, especially when those problems involve neurological issues. Here are four symptoms you shouldn't ignore. Read More 

What To Know About Varicose Veins

17 October 2017
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Varicose veins are an issue that people will frequently encounter as they grow older. While this is a fairly harmless condition, there can be obvious cosmetic issues that can be caused by these veins. Not surprisingly, people that have noticed that they have recently started to develop this problem may want to learn more about these veins and the steps that they can take. What Makes A Varicose Vein Different From Regular Veins? Read More 

Ways To Control Severe Back Pain

27 September 2017
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Do you toss and turn at night because your back is always in pain that is difficult to cope with? If over-the-counter pain medication has been unable to give you relief, there are numerous other ways to fight back pain. You can find the most ideal method for treating your back pain by getting examined by a physician. He or she can find out why the pain is present and the best way to manage it. Read More 

Reasons To Take Your Child To A Pediatrician Instead Of A Family Doctor

7 September 2017
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When it comes to the health of your child, you can choose between a family doctor or a pediatrician. A family doctor is trained to treat everyone in the family from a newborn through to the elderly. However, you may want to think about going to someone who specializes in children. Here are just a few of the differences you will notice: The Office A pediatrician's office is geared toward children. Read More